Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Debate on Political Novels

In the Sunday Independent this weekend the Books Page - Page 16 Life will feature the first of a three part special on the nature of the political novel. The furore over Brett Murray's portrait of President Jacob Zuma has prompted interesting questions around the nature of political-centred art in the post-apartheid era. This has ramifications for the political novel, the privileged literary genre in South Africa. The emergence of a local crime genre, where much political commentary is being embedded has prompted academics such as Leon de Kock to question the value of the political novel. This week Books Editor, Mary Corrigall, will review Nadine Gordimer's No Time Like the Present and Zakes Mda responds to questions on this topic in relationship to his writing.

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  1. very Interesting can't wait for the engagement, realy love to hear from the honourable Tata Zakes Mda